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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Studio Gombee is dealing with projects of architectural design, interior design, furniture design and decoration.

kep 1ps copy.jpg

Renovation and extension of a small countryside house in Hungary.

The project is under realisation.


An interior renovation project of a 70 m2 apartment in Nice, France.

The project is under realisation.

nappali, konyha.jpg

A total renovation of a countryside house, where we rethought all the spaces and created large openings towards the garden.

The project is under realisation.

avatar másolat.jpg

The main structure of the two buildings are inspired by the Italo -Tuscan architectural organisation consisting of atriums, patios and traditional spaces, bordered by large glazed surfaces. To blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, at the heart of the enclosure, a patio has been created. Natural materials are at the center of this projects. Rammed earth is widely used, supported by local stone and wood.

oldalsó p.jpg

The architectural project is deployed from a ruin, in Hungary, close to the lake Balaton. Priority was given to local materials (stones, wood). The center includes a meditation space, a restaurant, rooms and technical rooms. The vaste bright spaces are in contrast with the partly buried cells, which gives the guests the opportunity for a quiet retreat.


Designed for a young couple, this place of life has been structured around a block, which contains the bathroom, playing the role of a fluid circulation. The bedroom, the dressing room, the hallway and the living room form an integrated circular space in one piece.


The aim of this bar concept was to create an eventful, playful space as it is the bar of an escape room in Budapest.


This apartment house concept was designed in a narrow site, where we used level shifts and large openings to make the sense of space more spacious. The two apartments are mirror opposite each other.

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